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Our Staff

Meet our loving and nurturing staff

Our Staff

Meet our loving and nurturing staff

Jen Dauber, Director

Regina Doyle, Office Assistant (Billing & Invoicing)

Theresa Williams, PreK Teacher

Moira Fallon, PreK/4's Teacher 

Lisa Hurleman, 4's Teacher 

Libby Pflomm, 4's Teacher and Naturalist Assistant

Debra Hoffman, 3's Teacher and Explorer Assistant

Jeanette Fotis, 3's Teacher

Amy Miller, Toddler Teacher and Naturalist Assistant

Melody Walley, Toddler Teacher

Robin Searle, Naturalist Teacher and 3's Assistant

Nancy Brossman, 4's Assistant, Explorer & Art Teacher

Jackie Kauffman, PreK Assistant

Jill Claassen, 4's Assistant

Jess Clouser, PreK/4's Assistant

Vanessa Levering, 3's Assistant 

Raegan Peters, 3's Assistant

Janine Busack, Toddler Assistant

Michelle Endy, Toddler Assistant

Bridgette Lowell, Toddler Assistant 

Sarah Reimels, Toddler Assistant (Photo not available)

Donna Egan, Gym and Music

Atonement Christian Preschool

Jen Dauber, Director

5 Wyomissing Blvd., Wyomissing, PA 19610

Phone: 610-375-8049


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