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Additional resources that may be of interest or need.


Additional resources that may be of interest or need.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
The national body for Atonement Lutheran, the ELCA.

Northeastern Pennsylvania Synod
Regional church body to which Atonement belongs.  Synod means "journey together."


One of the ways we do that is through our outdoor ministry by supporting Bear Creek Camp!!  Visit their website and register your child today!



Lutheran Advocacy Ministry of Pennsylvania
LAMPA advocates on behalf of, and in partnership with, those persons who are  denied justice, dignity, reconciliation, peace, and access to basic human rights, and who lack adequate representation and voice in the arenas of public policy. LAMPA provides an advocacy voice for the ELCA, its congregations, and members with government policymakers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Atonement Lutheran Church's Facebook page
Recieve news, look at pictures, know when the the website is updated, connect with others - all by being a friend on Facebook!



Caron Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center
Our partner in the 12-Step Speaker Series:The Healing Power of 12-Step Spirituality.


A faith founded on good news.

Lutherans are:

Evangelical (meaning gospel-centered)

catholic (meaning a part of the whole Christian church across time and space)

Reforming (always being made new, seeking where God is calling us to reorient)